What are the different kinds of music we have today?

Knowing the worth of music, so many people have embraced it and strive to apply it in their doings and cultures. This has made music to be seen in different ways due to the cultural aspect of individuals. It is therefore important we look into the different kinds of music we have and know them for better enlightenment.

The traditional music

Do you really know that the first kind of music ever known is the traditional type of music? If you didn't know before, know it now. Traditional music is the very first type of music the world has ever known. We all have our culture and tradition before the arrival of modernization.
So, every culture has their own way of doing music. The traditional music is the combination of traditional tools or instruments and traditional songs. Indeed, this form of music varies in every tribe. As traditional instruments we can mention the traditional drums made of wood and animal skin.
Let us also know that as old as the traditional music is, this form of music is still very relevant till today. In some parts of the world, some tribes still value their traditional music and try to promote their culture.

The modern music

As things start moving and time goes on, we see that there is a period that is marked with world modernization. This process of modernizing touches every aspect including musical aspects. That’s why we have modern music today. As named, this music is the contemporary form of music.
Modern music is characterized by the use of modern instruments. For instance, we have drum sets, keyboard, trumpets, guitar and others that are modern musical instruments. It’s the combination of modern songs and modern musical instruments. This kind of music is the dominant one nowadays.

The tradi-modern music

This kind of music is simply the combination of the traditional music and the modern music. In order to create a kind of harmony between these two forms, people try to combine the both to create a specific kind of music. Note that this kind of music is also well used in todays’ music.